Volunteering abroad can be a flood of new experiences and impressions. Finding little oasis and some familiar brands can help digest all the new impressions.

Familiar places you’ll recognise when volunteering in Hyderabad

Volunteering abroad is an amazing experience that allows you to step out of your comfort zone. Staying in a new country, eating new food, hearing a new language, meeting new people. You will encounter a lot of “new” and a lot of “firsts” during your volunteer experience in Hyderabad, India.

Throughout your experience, you are encouraged to explore as much of the city and the country as possible. There are a few Must-Do’s in Hyderabad that we highly recommend, and some things you simply HAVE to try when in India.

India is a country that engages every single one of your senses: interesting smells, delicious food, colourful clothes, the honking of cars and chatter of people on the street, the heat and the rain. Everything is different, everything is new.

Volunteering your skills is a rewarding, yet challenging experience. By solving new and exciting challenges, you are building your innovative and creative thinking skills. You are working with a local team to practise your cross-cultural skills. Gaining new insights into your profession and field of interest is expanding your expertise even further. You are constantly on the go, supporting your partner organisation.

Sometimes, the experience can be overwhelming. When it comes to that point, it’s nice to find some familiarity in a new place or a cosy cafe to sit and relax. Or you might just get a sandwich craving and you’re not sure where to go. In Hyderabad, you will find a lot of little familiar places that let you take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here are some places to relax, eat and recharge:

Coffee, cafes and places to work from

Autumn Leaf

A green oasis in the middle of a city where buildings are springing up everywhere, Autumn leaf Cafe offers quiet surroundings to get some reflection done – a practice that helps you get the most out of your volunteering experience. Try one of their juices, they are a real treat for your body!

Chit Chat Chai

You want traditional chai but also to sit in a nice cafe, rather than standing on the side of the road? Chit Chat Chai is the place to be. With a variety of different chai teas to try (and all of them tasting authentic), you can taste your way from the traditional Cutting Chai, to its Masala brother and Ginger sister. The food is oriented towards a more “Western” style, with wraps, sandwiches and pasta on offer.


This relatively new cafe is a promising new concept in the organic food movement. With the concept of “from farm to table”, the cafe offers a delicious array of fresh salads and healthy pizzas. All ingredients are harvested from their organic farm outside the city, and freshly prepared in-house.


Inorbit Mall

It is hard to believe, but sometimes, strolling through the air conditioned stores of a big mall can be a relaxing and pleasant experience. Inorbit Mall is one of the most well-known and central malls in Hyderabad, offering a variety of shops from M&S to H&M to FabIndia and HyperCity (a massive supermarket that sells everything your heart desires).

Forum Mall

M&S and H&M weren’t enough? Visit Forum Mall to find Forever 21 and Zara. Whilst you’ll be shopping for souvenirs and Indian attire most of your time, these shops will remind you of home. They’re also great if you dropped some curry on your white tank top and just need a simple replacement.

Food chains you’ll know


One of the supposedly healthiest fast food alternatives, you will find many Subways sprinkled across the city. And the best part: each day a different sub is on offer, which makes this a relatively cheap alternative to your usual Indian lunch.


Even though it might not be the best coffee in town, and prices are extortionate, the Starbucks in Hyderabad are comfortable places to work from. Especially the Jubilee Branch (see photo) with its big wooden table upstairs and view over KBR park which can be a treat from the busy streets.

TGI Friday

It definitely is not the best food in town, but it is similar to the TGI you know from home. So if you need a break from the delicious Indian food you’re otherwise indulging in all day long, TGI offers an opportunity to eat something familiar.

Hyderabad has some great places to relax and recharge – and even offers the opportunity to find some of the familiar food and store chains from back home. When you are craving a little bit of familiarity throughout your adventure, keep these places in mind.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and start your volunteer adventure in Hyderabad? Contact us to find out more about our volunteering experiences in the city.