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A Gift Guide for the Responsible Volunteer

It’s the week leading up to Christmas, and you’re struggling to find suitable presents for your loved ones? Are they a travel and volunteer enthusiast and you want to make sure you give them a gift that helps them follow their passion more sustainably and responsibly?

Our Gift Guide for the Responsible Volunteer is here to help. We have compiled ideas for every budget that will add a spark to every volunteer enthusiast’s eyes.

For the “It’s a start” budget

Nothing wrong with starting small. If you’re looking for a present that doesn’t bust your budget, sustainable travel essentials are a good way to go. Volunteering abroad includes a whole lot of traveling, and the more sustainable the better. Here are some great ideas for sustainable travel essentials that every responsible volunteer would love to have:

A reusable water bottle

The plastic in our oceans is increasing and predicted to outnumber fish by 2050 if nothing changes. And even though we have water filter and reusable water bottles, the production of plastic bottles has increased significantly from 2016 to 2017. And we tend to use the most plastic bottles when traveling to hot countries. Make a difference this year and give the thoughtful gift of a reusable water bottle so that your volunteer friends and family members can stay hydrated more sustainably.

An ethically crafted scarf

A scarf should never be missing from any essential travel packing list. They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. They protect you from the cold, from the sun, and turn most outfits into more conservative looks that will get you into places and sights that request covering shoulders or knees. But not every scarf is created equally. The fashion industry is one of the most damaging sectors of our economy, both in terms of social and environmental consequences. So this year, invest in a scarf that is made sustainably under fair labour conditions and with as little environmental impact as possible. We can guarantee that it’ll show up on most photos your volunteer friend or family member sends back home from their adventures.

For the “I want to support your volunteering adventure as best as I can” budget

An Online Course

Sharing skills and knowledge is the most sustainable way to volunteer. In order to become a skilled volunteer, you should collect as many skills as possible. And a thoughtful christmas gift can help a volunteer enthusiast get there. Is there something your friend or relative always wanted to learn? Maybe Digital Marketing? Maybe Website Design? There is an array of online courses available that make knowledge so much more accessible. Gift a learning opportunity, so that the skills and knowledge can then be shared overseas.

A Teaching Course

Or maybe you are looking for a gift for someone who loves working with children and is passionate about education? Giving them the possibility to complete an English Teaching course, such as TEFL, will set them up with the right tools to go overseas, follow their passion, and share their skills to make a difference.

For the “I want you to have it all no matter the cost” budget

Sponsor a Responsible Volunteer Placement

You want to go all out and realise someone’s dream to go overseas and share their skills? Sponsor their trip! If they have the right skills to match the needs of local organisations and their feet are itching to get involved and make a difference, this gift is exactly what you’re looking for. Our placements are a great gift idea for every volunteer enthusiast ready to explore social impact and new cultures in the new year.

Contact us to learn more about our responsible volunteer opportunities and how you can gift them (or get involved yourself?).