The ultimate Hyderabad food guide for an enriching volunteer experience

In addition to sharing and developing your skills, volunteering in Hyderabad comes with another major benefit: you’ll get to taste some of the most divine food known to mankind (you can tell that we are massive food enthusiasts…). Hyderabad food comprises a unique blend of eclectic cuisines all the way from the Middle East to South India. Here’s our Hyderabad food guide to help you have a rich culinary experience while you’re here:

Healthy Indian breakfasts to start the day right

For a hearty breakfast, head out to the South-Indian food stalls or “bandis” for unique, crisp dosas, or delicious, spongy idlis. Check out Ram ki bandi at Nampally if you’re up for an early meal between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m., or visit Govind ki bandi while you’re at Charminar.

Pay a visit to Chutney’s for a lovely sit-down breakfast experience of a wide range of South Indian dishes. From uttapams, to upmas, to pongals and dosas – don’t forget to add the divine topping of ginger and coconut-chutney (clearly one of our favourites).

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A break for veggie and fruit lovers

If you need a healthy snack that complements your breakfast – or you are like us and get hungry within 2 hours of eating – a refreshing fruit juice will do the job. Cool off and relax in the peace and quiet of one of Hyderabad’s beautiful cafes and coffee shops. Sipping on a healthy, rejuvenating fruit juices has never felt so good. Autumn Cafe is one of our favourite places to get some rest from the buzzing city

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Hyderabad’s pride: Biryani

An experience of brilliant Hyderabad food is incomplete without a taste of the world-renowned Hyderabadi Biryani. This is great option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Indulge in this flavoursome rice dish at the iconic restaurants of Shah Ghouse and Cafe Bahaar.

While you’re at it, be sure to also try Hyderabad’s beloved soup dish, paya, and the mouth-watering meat dishes, kheema and pathar ka gosht.

After a heavy meal, have Hyderabad’s favourite mouth-freshener, sweet paan, from Dimmy Paan House, that serves an astounding 75 varieties!

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The Go-To Snack

Indulge in Hyderabad’s scrumptious Osmania biscuits at Shubhan Bakery. Pair them with Irani chai and mini kheema-samosas from Blue Sea while you’re out for a snack!

Pamper yourself while feasting on Hyderabad’s comfort food: crispy, batter-fried South-Indian mirchi bajjis, found in stalls across the city. Or indulge in rich Frankie wraps, best served at Tibb’s Frankie next to Lifestyle Mall, at Begumpet.

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Desserts that make your heart melt

For dessert, head to Almond House or Dadu’s for a huge variety of Indian sweets that are sure to make your heart melt with delight.

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To finish of our Hyderabad food guide: A taste of home

You’re feeling nostaligc? Visit Cafe Eclat or Flying Spaghetti Monster for some wonderful continental food. Or have some of the gooiest, most chocolate-y brownies at Labonel Fine Baking, in Banjara Hills or Gachibowli.

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We’re sure you’ll love all the suggestions in our Hyderabad Food Guide. Experience all this and so much more while volunteering with Skilled Impact. Get in contact with us to find out more about the great location that is Hyderabad.