Matching the skills of volunteers with the needs of local initiatives is the best way to create responsible and impactful volunteer placements.

Matching Skills with Needs:

Skill based volunteering in India

Volunteering your time and skills to support sustainable development projects in India is a great way to give back. Sharing your skills in one of the best ways to volunteer and make a difference. Skill based volunteering creates amazing benefits for both the volunteer and the local initiative they work with.

So how can we assure that both you and your partner organisation get the most from the volunteer placement? By matching your skills, with their needs.

Why do local partners need Skilled Impact to find volunteers?

Before anything goes up on the Skilled Impact Website, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into setting up your placement. NGOs and social enterprise in India often struggle to find volunteers with the right skills that can support them to overcome specific challenges they are facing. Busy with their impactful work, they also often simply do not have the time or resources. They cannot to go through a vetting and matching process to ensure that the experience is beneficial for them and for the volunteer. That’s where Skilled Impact comes in.

How do we develop your volunteer placement?

In the early stages we work with partners to understand their processes, what they are trying to achieve, and how. We then complete a needs assessment with the organisation. This helps us and the partner to see how a skilled volunteer can benefit them. It is also a starting point for outlining the roles and responsibilities. Together with the partner, we develop the job description, and discuss what qualifications and skills are required from the right volunteer for the placement.

How do we know you are the right volunteer for the placement?

Once a potential volunteer applies, the real matching process starts. One of our experienced volunteer managers invites you for a personal interview. We want to understand your personal motivation to volunteer abroad in India, and what skills you can volunteer. We also want to know what skills, knowledge and experience you are trying to gain when volunteering abroad, so we can make sure you get the chance to do so.

How does the matching process work?

Once we find a match and understand how your skill set fits into the role, we contact the partner organisation. They are able to have a look at your CV and give feedback. If they want to speak to you, they have the opportunity.

If it’s a match then we get you signed up and start preparing you for your placement. When you arrive in India, you get the chance to review your job description with your placement supervisor. Together you can further shape the job description. You can make adjustments according to your experience, the skills you have and those you’d like to develop, and your areas of interests.  Only after immersing yourself deeper into the work of the organisation, can you truly shape your role and understand where your skills can have the greatest impact.

Our matching process ensures that you share your skills where they are needed, and get the opportunity to grow personally and professionally during your placement. It is also one of the reasons we can state that our volunteer placements are responsible and provide long lasting impact, both to partners and volunteers.

Contact us to talk about your professional background, and get matched with a local partner organisation that is looking for your skills.