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3 ways Skilled Volunteering helps you reach your Career Goals this year

In our last Wednesday blog, we discussed the best career goal setting strategies. These are supposed to help you actually achieve your goals and experience the career you want. Now we are taking it a step further and discuss why volunteering should be part of this learning journey, and how such an experience can help you achieve your career goals.

No matter if you’re a student, recent graduate, or a professional – the time is always right for volunteering. The benefits of volunteering are vast, and have a long term impact on your life, both personally and professionally.

You don’t believe that volunteering can have this impact? Here are 3 ways volunteering helps you reach your career goals that might convince you otherwise.

1. Get to know your profession // Take the first steps towards a career change

Skilled volunteering is the perfect way to test the career and sector you’ve been dreaming about. You always wanted to work in International Development but don’t actually know what a job in the sector entails? You are curious about NGOs but haven’t experienced one in action? Completing a placement overseas can give you insights into these career paths. Based on these, you can then decide if it’s the right place to invest your energy.

Similarly, you might decide that the experience you have gathered as a professional would be of better use in a socially impactful project. You want to make a career change but don’t know where to start? You want to see if it’s really worth it to leave your comfy corporate job to have a more meaningful career? You might find your answers during a skilled volunteer placement.

2. Skilled volunteering allows you to expand your skill set

No matter if you’re volunteering in the sector you are already working in or you’d later like to work in. Every placement will give you the opportunity to expand your skill set – especially your transferable skills. Working in a completely new environment shows that you are flexible and can quickly adjust. Collaborating with a local team builds your cross-cultural working skills. And applying and sharing your knowledge in a new context often leads to more innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. The experience of skilled volunteering makes your CV stand out from the crowd – or might inspire you to finally take the step or perhaps, take that big step and do your own thing.

3. Get inspired and change your perspective

Maybe you’re not sure what your next career step is. You need some inspiration and some time to get your head clear and decide what’s next. Skilled volunteering lets you do that in a meaningful and impactful way. Working with local change makers is an invigorating and refreshing experience, and you can’t but help match their never-ending enthusiasm to serve their communities.

Or maybe you are loving your job and want to take it to the next level? Why not gain a new perspective on your field? Skilled volunteering places you in a completely new environment and lets you experience your profession in a new way. You collaborate with and learn from other professionals and learn how to solve challenges in an often more resource-constrained environment.

Are you ready to live the career you’ve been dreaming about? Pick your skilled volunteer placement and get started!