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A Closer Look At The Social Entrepreneurship Internship

Social Entrepreneurship is the new player on the global economic playing field. Great hopes have been placed on this concept to change the way we do business. Creating impactful business might be the way forward – and it may be the only way that marries the incentives and pay-offs of competition with the benefits of sustainable and ethical production and consumption.

So how can volunteers get involved in driving this paradigm change? Let’s have a closer look at Skilled Impact’s Social Entrepreneurship Internship and find out!

About the Placement

As a volunteer intern, you are placed within the team of a local accelerator that specifically supports social entrepreneurs. You usually work directly with the entrepreneurs, learning about their ventures, their dreams, and their struggles. Depending on your experience and field of interest, you will be placed in a position to support these local change makers in overcoming their challenges.

Impact of the volunteer

Our local partner loves working with skilled volunteers. Irrespective of you being an intern or a professional, your skills and support are always needed and will be put to good use. According to the founding member of the accelerator, it is “the outside perspective and expertise of the volunteers that adds the most value to the social entrepreneurs and the organisation itself. Entrepreneurs gain confidence and motivation from the feedback and validation they receive from volunteer belonging to different countries. Thus, it helps them believe their idea is actually plausible and might already be working somewhere else!”

Benefits to the volunteer

Volunteering is never about just giving. Whilst you’re sharing your time and your skills, you yourself get so much more out of the experience. This internship exposes you to the social entrepreneurship landscape in India, and leaves room for you to feel inspired. You learn about a new kind of business model, and how local change makers come up with innovative ideas to solve the challenges of their communities – all this, whilst making their ventures financially sustainable. And let me tell you – it’s not easy.

The internship also provides a lot of flexibility. We can tailor the experience to your interests and availability – as long as our partner organisation still benefits as well. You might want to get into marketing, communications, events management, finance or project management. This is your chance to expand your skill set, learn about business models of the now and future, and make a positive impact.

Ready to apply? This is our most popular programme and spaces are limited. Contact us now to secure your placement this year.